To Do: For Your Consideration

* Finals days of the Two Windows on the Willard photography exhibit. Photos trace the development and redevelopment of the Willard Hotel from 1901 to the late 80s. Free at the American Institute of Architects Headquarters Gallery. [The Octagon Museum]
* The Nunchucks, Five Four, The Fabulous Funky and Once, Okay Twice at DC9. $8 at 9PM. [DC9]
* Pocketknife and Fox Japan at The Red & The Black. $8 at 9:30PM. [The Red and The Black]
* Find out if evil exists in everyone’s heart on Primetime, the show that is destroying its own reputation, at 10PM and 11:30PM watch JT talk and Matisyahu perform on Leno. [WP]

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