This TV DEVIL conspires with the UN & Lesbians to take my gun! - WonketteWhile we were enjoying whatever people enjoy over the long War On Christmas weekend, that secret NRA graphic novel we discovered was causing all sorts of ruckus.

A bunch of dull morons over at the Daily Kos spent a lonesome day “proving” how we magically created all this beautifully frightening artwork because “Wonkette: Liar” (seriously, that was their headline). Smarter people over at a California concealed-weapon-permit site had more interesting things to say, but concluded the NRA comic was a hoax not by Wonkette but by a literary website we’ve never heard of — that theory lasted long enough to make it to Boing Boing, while CBS News producers desperately sought comment from Wonkette editors … in the comments.

More crap, after the jump.

So what’s the deal?

* We sent the original PDF to Boing Boing, and you can go over there and download it; It’s like 5 megs. (We posted all the best images, but completists will want the whole book.)
* Wonkette commenters pegged artist Chris Gall as the twisted genius behind the comix and a similarly-themed official NRA publication of recent vintage.
* (We privately guessed Chris Ware, which is damned close, as far as both artist having the first name “Chris.”)
* Boing Boing and CaliforniaCCW kindly removed the hoax allegations.
* The Daily Kos diarist, obviously, is quietly maintaining his dull idiocy.
* Oh wait, the dude did apologize for being utterly full of shit and calling us a LIAR. Oh wait, not really. Jesus fucking christ. So you’ve got to be a smug retard to get a Daily Kos diary login, is that right?
* One of these dullard motherfuckers even managed to get through our Comment Screeners! Really, look and see! Strike One: Defend dullard Daily Kos diary whining about Wonkette. Strike Two: Complain about Wonkette making fun of Rick Santorum’s crying child! Strike Three: There is no Strike Three, and there wouldn’t even be a Strike Two had we noticed. Good-bye, Crying Child Defender. (Headquarters, please delete “kestrel9000.”)
* Also, delete “Mdmflutterbye” or whatever. Jesus fucking christ.
* Oh, and we’re going to start drinking soberly meeting with the California gun nuts, because we like shooting stuff too, and they seem like a fun crowd.
* The NRA has yet to comment, or so we’ve heard. That’s because they are lobbyists, and they’re on vacation skiing somewhere and staying in $600-a-night resorts and laughing at all the poor yokels they manipulate with scary fundraising comix.

The whole boring deal was covered with a straight face by Raw Story — proving once again that nothing happens between Xmas and January 2, ever … except a couple years ago, when that horrible tsunami killed everybody.

NRA comic called a hoax, but accusations later withdrawn [Raw Story]
Fear-mongering graphic novel attributed to NRA (UPDATED) [Boing Boing]
Earlier: NRA’s Secret Graphic Novel Revealed!

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