HACKERS  7:38 pm December 20, 2006

Rumors On The Internets: Happy Holidays, MoFos!

by Ken Layne

* Rudy Giuliani, like many Americans, wishes his kids didn’t exist. [Election Central]
* C-SPAN to the USA: “Fuck you.” [Washington Wire]
* “Christians are sort of like a half-assed version of FEMA .” [DCeiver]
* Danish “artists” sneak English acrostic joke past Iranian newspaper editors. [LGF]
* National Review remains prophetic, as ever. [Whiskey Bar]
* Richard Daley promises Barack Obama a vote from every single person who died in Chicago since 1930. [Political Insider]
* Ned Lamont not the elite hax0r you thought he was. [Stamford Advocate]

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