IRAQ  1:57 pm December 13, 2006

War Against Everything Will Last Forever

by Ken Layne

Hail the 100-year Reich! - WonketteIf we remember this whole 9/11 thing correctly, a bunch of privileged Saudis with U.S. Embassy ties led by a stripper-loving hard-partying Egyptian playboy bought first-class plane tickets with money from Pakistan’s secret service and crashed passenger jets into the WTC, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

In retaliation, the Bush Administration attacked some fanatic goat herders in Afghanistan and then began an occupation of Iraq that’s already lasted four bloody years. It’s no wonder a “top Pentagon strategist” tells the Washington Times that the War On Terror will last a hundred years. Why not a thousand years? Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan — home of the alleged hijackers and their financiers — will be safe as long as nobody in the Pentagon owns a map.

General foresees ‘generational war’ against terrorism [Washington Times]

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