Do Not Fall For This ‘LNS’ Honey Trap!

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It's an espionage term. Look it up or something! - WonketteHow fake is this?

Late Night Shots Christmas orgy – mw4mw – 23
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Date: 2006-12-12, 12:32PM EST

Come one, Come all
Just plain Cum!
We of legendary Wonkette fame are having our year end blow/out/up/off, whatever your pleasure.
Discretion is thrown out the window. Bring your own Condoms (Magnum’s preferred)
email this for time & place. Enjoy!

Do not e-mail for time and place, because this is such an obvious setup that not even Mark Foley would respond. Forcefully-aborted fetuses may be thrown out the windows when LNS turbos make a romance inside daddy’s little trust-fund drunk gal, but discretion is crucial if any of these kids expect to run a K Street firm someday.
Casual Encounters [Craigslist]

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