Alaskans Learn They’ve Got America’s Hottest Governor

Not wearing panties, either. - WonketteFormer beauty queen and new governor Sarah Palin has thrilled the nation with her sexy ways, but Alaskans were slow to figure out what a boost the maverick Republican has given to the state, which is somewhere near Russia.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Wonkette’s bold coverage of the nation’s hottest governor has brought Alaska out of a long malaise mostly caused by Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens. But surely a serious-yet-hot governor would distance herself from our claims that she’s basically Tina Fey. Right?

Others note her Tina Fey/Repressed Librarian look — a look Palin herself has acknowledged; she once went to a costume party dressed as Fey, the former “Saturday Night Live” babe.

Wolf whistles for Palin pulling Alaska politics out of the cold [Anchorage Daily News]
Earlier: GILF Update: Gov. Sarah Palin As Miss Wasilla

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  • seriesoftubescleaner

    Ahhh… These were the days. A more innocent time. It’s like the fond memories of when you first met your crazy hateful and vindictive ex-wife.