Daily Briefing: The Pentagon’s Gates

* The Iraq Study Group will release its heavily discussed platitudes this morning. [WP]
* Senate will approve Robert Gates as Defense Secretary after only, “light probing.” [WP, NYT, LAT]
* Hillary Clinton. Is running. For President. [WP]
* Supreme court rules that illegal immigrants caught with illegal drugs can legally remain in the country. Fumar ‘em if you got ‘em.[NYT, LAT]
* Jeff Sessions talks to dead people, and Dana Milbank likes to watch. [WP]
* As the last day of school approaches, Congressional Republicans spitefully ignore appropriations bills. [WSJ]
* Lobbying for the Democrats’ ambitious 100 Hours Agenda has already begun. [WP]
* Republican House leaders shitcan the DC Voting Rights bill, again. [WP, NYT]
* 110th Congress is scheduled to actually be at work 5 days a week, evidence that, “Democrats could care less about families.” [WP]

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