GOVERNORS  2:53 am December 6, 2006

GILF Update: Gov. Sarah Palin As Miss Wasilla

by Ken Layne

Way back in 1984 — the Van Halen reality, not the George Orwell novel — Alaska’s new governor Sarah Palin was an Alaskan beauty queen. She would’ve been 18 or 19 at the time. The only problem with this great tale is that it appears she was in college in Idaho at the time. Meaning, it’s obviously true. Topless Alaskan beauty queens … hooray for America.

Wonkette operative “PN” says this is her portrait from those Golden Years. We say she’s still the best-looking politician in America … and remember, she’s a Maverick!

‘Fresh face’ launched Palin [Anchorage Daily News]
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eellc January 22, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Without getting into politics and killing wolves and all the other publicity that Palin got I would say that she presents well. Certainly has an edge on Hillary. Having a nice income certainly helps the skin stay young. The picture above does not portray her as a “babe” but as a cutie. I don’t think she would have a chance against some of these thin blondes nowadays. Thanks for the picture of Sarah.

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