The world just got a little bit stupider, again - WonketteSince 1939, the Civil Defense logo bravely and solemnly let Americans know which school basements contained bomb shelters and rations, for when the Commies nuked us. It was also a great, simple and effective design with a touch of cold Art Deco that just got better with age.

Obviously, FEMA needed to do its usual fuckup and replace the iconic CD with some 1988 reject logo from the Olympics or a tampon box. Nobody even knows what it’s supposed to mean, or where it will be used. If you see this on a sign anywhere, please tear it down and put it in the garbage where it belongs.

Civil Defense Logo Dies at 67, and Some Mourn Its Passing

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  1. Who did the graphic artist who created that abortion have to fellate to get the job? Just asking.

    As an old-timey Civil Defense volunteer, I agree with you – some icons just WORK the first time. We’ve spent a whole lot of time pretending to be able to manage the aftermath of a nuclear war on no budget and World War II surplus gear, and dammit, we want our old symbol back.

  2. Seriously, what is some semi-literate (or just plain scared dirtless) guy going to think when he sees this “EM” crap with the shiny-sparklies on it, and he’s looking for help in a no-kidding emergency? Not one familiar thing about it, no references to “emergency” anywhere on it.

    You’d think that someone who rode into the White House on the votes of semi- and outright illiterates would want to prolong their lives at least until the next election.

    (“Public safety – public trust” sounds a little too much like “Hope and Change,” know what I mean?
    I think I know where the motto came from, anyway.)

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