VandeHarris’ Folly Well-Financed, Hyped

When the hell did Jim VandeHei start drinking the Internet Kool-Aid? The former Post political reporter comes off crazier and dumber than the Allbritton hack in the New York Observer today, raving about how his new infotainment YouTubing Google-blogging Series of Tubes venture will revolutionize everything ever. He insists that his new incredibly expensive LiveJournal “multi-platform project” — tied to a tabloid newspaper that hasn’t launched yet — will be a hit. Pull quotes:

* “Obviously, you have to have synergy”
* “I think we’ll show that we’re better than The New York Times or The Washington Post”

At least his fellow former Postie John Harris implies (sensibly) that he left the Post because everyone there is a paranoid wreck, Len Downie’s memos are increasingly suicidal, and Allbritton offered him a zillion dollars, a private jet, and more hookers than a Washington Times happy hour.

* “We’ll only attract people who are at a point in their career where they want to start something new”
* “I’m 43,” Mr. Harris said

Harris also compares the new venture to putting together a college paper. We cannot fucking wait.

A New D.C. Paper Poaches, Encroaches Cross-Platforms [NYO]

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