‘Post’s’ Best Political Journos Leave for Synergistic New Media Nightmare

publicen.jpgTop political reporters Jim VandeHei and John Harris are leaving the Washington Post to act as accomplices in yet another new media bullshit show. This one’s some sort of website that will revolutionize political reporting — with VIDEO and shit. Their writing will also appear in the dead tree Capitol Leader, the upcoming daily Roll Call-but-not-quite newspaper whose launch keeps being delayed while they bleed dry The Hill (and Cap File and now the Post).

This is a huge coup for Allbritton Communications, the party responsible for this shitstorm of hype, and we can only hope it’s as much of a huge success as HotSoup, the REVOLUTIONARY NEW INTERACTIVE ONE-STOP POLITICAL WEBSITE/COMMUNITY that lured Ron Fournier away from the Associated Press.


For a (much) more charitable take, FishbowlDC’s been all over it this morning.

Albritton’s Announcement [FishbowlDC]

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