HILL  4:37 pm November 13, 2006

Wonkette Welcomes Our Favorite New House Staffer

by Ken Layne

This girl is going to be awesome:

Hill guy, where are you ? – w4m – 26
Hey – Looking for a guy to attend Congressional and Senate receptions with and maybe more. I am new to the Hill and I am in the process of a million in-processing meetings with my newly elected MOC. Just looking to get out and have some fun and learn how the hill works. I think something is going on in the Rayburn tonight but that is just a rumor for the moment??? Let’s chat.

24, bl-bl, 5’0, 105, size 2P if that means anything to you, athletic, educated, intelligent, world traveled, sarcastic and funny and never short on a witty comment.

Hill guy, where are you? [Casual Encounters]

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