Evil Dems Destroy Career of America’s Mustachioed Sweetheart

When we realized that Creepy Uncle John Bolton’s appointment to the UN was dead in the water, the first place we went for incisive, intelligent commentary was radical nutjob Pamela “Atlas” Oshrey, the blogosphere’s number one Bolton dry-humper. She did not disappoint.

We really want to reprint the whole thing, but excerpts will have to suffice (no emphasis added):

Is this to be the latest blood sacrifice coming out of a bowed Bush White House? And I say here, now, STOP THE INSANITY. Throwing our best, our brightest to the insatiable leftist beast makes them hungrier. Rumsfeld, now Bolton? WTF? and Why?
But Bolton? Why Bolton? Talk about taming the lions. He accomplished everything, he accomplished the impossible.

It has been a bad week for lunatics. For a change.


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