CNN  12:36 am November 9, 2006

Larry King Live: Bill Maher ‘Outs’ Ken Mehlman

by Ken Layne

Never forget! - WonketteRNC chairman Ken Mehlman has never been accused of being heterosexual. But Bill Maher shocked Larry King on Wednesday night by mentioning what has only been rumored in Washington for years: Mehlman is (allegedly) a gay homosexual.

“I never heard that,” Larry responds.

Maher says: “You don’t go to the same bathhouse I do.”

(Thanks to ex-Gawker/Wonker/Sploider Choire Sicha for the tip. If the Wonkette Video Crew sees this, please get us that clip. It starts 19 minutes in.) UPDATE: Here you go, courtesy of commenter MrDys:

And YouTube killed the hell out of that clip. Huffington Post has another version, right here.
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