FUNNY PICTURES  2:11 pm November 5, 2006

Macaca Campaigns In Wrong State

by Ken Layne

La la la la I can't hear you - WonketteGoofy protesters across the country are moving in on George Allen in the final days of the campaign. Why? Because there’s a good chance he might completely snap and start strangling people with his own hands, which would make for amusing Election Eve news footage.

Here, three jailbirds in the usual crappy oversized masks — they’re supposed to be Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld — make life miserable for Macaca as he tries to look happy in front of people trying to enjoy themselves before an NFL game. Oh, and this is in Maryland. That’s the wrong state, Macaca! At least somebody gave him a football to squeeze. That’s supposed to help with the stress relief.

Sen. George Allen [Yahoo News]

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