Not Since Herbert Hoover ….

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Where's handsome Jim Gibbons??? - WonketteThe Nevada cowtown of Elko finally got another president to stop by. The last one was Herbert “Hooverville” Hoover. Today it was George W. Bush.

He was here to help GOP Senator John Ensign, who is in danger of losing his seat to Jack Carter, and Dean Heller, who is running for Jim Gibbons’ seat in the House. Oh, and Gibbons was there too. He’s running for governor of Nevada. But ever since he beat up some drunk gal in a parking garage, got caught with illegal aliens in his basement and took bribes from a government contractor, he is not exactly welcome. Notice how he isn’t in the picture.

Bush packs airport for campaign rally [Elko Daily Free Press]

EARLIER: Bush To Campaign In Rural Nevada Town With No Known Democrats

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