Michele Bachmann’s Baby Farm

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Crazy Crazy Crazy - WonketteSure, you knew Michele Bachmann was a crazy pope-hating Jesus Freak and Republican candidate for Minnesota’s 6th district who’s likely to win because all those people are crazy down there, but did you know she basically runs a baby farm?

A Wonkette operative says Bachmann has five kids of her own and raised an astonishing 23 foster kids. A nice person would say, “Oh, that’s a nice thing.” But our cold-hearted operative notes that Minnesota pays $30 a day, tax free, per foster kid.

“So if Bachmann has fostered 23 children, let’s say for an average of five years, that would come out to a non-taxable $1,259,250,” the Wonk-Op writes. “No wonder she’s anti-abortion. Children are a cash crop for her.”

Michele Bachmann’s recipe for success: Christian piety and not-so-Christian opportunism [City Pages]

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