Rumors On The Internets: Think Mr. Burns, With a Laptop

  • “Push Poll” mastermind laughs the evil sardonic laugh you’d expect him too, raps bony fingers. [TPM Muckraker]

  • The United States is the paragon of tolerance and diversity for all — all but “the shifty horde on our Southern border.” [Hot Johnny And All of His Pants]
  • Air America was killed by Al Franken, in the studio, with the advertiser blackball! [Media Matters]
  • It’s better if the electronic voting machines are hackable — any “teenager in Finland” is gonna choose better leaders than the “autofellating corporate shitbags” who do it now. [The Dilbert Blog]
  • Sean Hannity is more beast than man. [Comedy Central Insider]
  • Don’t call it a comeback, Rick Santorum’s been here for years, knocking out sweaty, shirtless men; putting suckas in tears. [Rick Santorum via Power Line Blog]
  • Charlie Rangel has lived in Harlem for 76 years, and has yet to shoot anyone in the face. [Gawker]
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