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Hey, Gibbons, you're married ... and a Mormon! - WonketteBecause this is a National Politics Site, we’ve had to pull ourselves away from covering Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-Nevada) all the time. Periodic roundups will have to do … until Gibbons just starts killing people.

RECAP: Gibbons is running for governor. His wife was running for his congressional seat, but she didn’t survive the primary. Jim got in trouble for having a drunken restaurant party with a bunch of gals a week ago — his wife wasn’t one of them — and then he got accused of assaulting one of the gals, outside the restaurant. He sort of denies the really bad parts. Oh, and a Vegas TV station has since come up with a terrible illegal nanny story, just to make it really bad for Mr. Close the Border. And now, the New Developments:

* Allegedly assaulted waitress Chrissy Mazzeo finally gave her own press conference. She’s “hot in a Vegas kind of way.” [Reno and its Discontents]

* Mazzeo’s name was illegally/improperly leaked by the sheriff’s department, while Gibbons’ staff immediately began calling her a crazy drunken whore. [Las Vegas Gleaner]

* Gibbons allegedly propositioned her, threatened to rape and/or kill her, and then somebody from his campaign tried to bribe her to shut up. [Associated Press]

* Clark County Sheriff Bill Young is fucking insane. This is what he said in public Thursday: “Bring it on. Come forward, sign the crime report. You want an investigation? You ain’t seen nothing yet.” [AP]

* Young’s opponent Jerry Airola — the sheriff’s election is also coming up — says this just proves Bill Young is a thug who runs the department as a personal security unit for Nevada’s political mafia. [Las Vegas Sun]

* Sheriff Young says, “Oh yeah? Well, you’re a freakin’ Scientologist!” [KVBC TV]

* In an interview after the news conferenece, Mazzeo describes Jim Gibbons this way: “Something is mentally wrong with him.” [Las Vegas Sun]

* If you’ve never heard of Jim Gibbons, it’s because he spent a decade in Congress without doing anything.

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