CONGRESS  6:41 pm October 23, 2006

Candidates, Please Drink At Home Until After Election Day

by Ken Layne

My Favorite Mormon - WonketteLet’s check in with Rep. Jim Gibbons of Nevada, who was about to become governor of the Silver State until something happened outside a Vegas steak/seafood restaurant and bar:

* The Cocktail Waitress has not backed down from her charges that Gibbons assaulted her when she wouldn’t go back to his motel.

* The bill for Gibbons’ “flirty and dirty” drunkfest was “over $300.”

* Nevada voters are now asking questions like, “So why was Gibbons allegedly helping somebody so drunk they could hardly walk get behind the wheel of a truck?”

* The slurring, cussing and weird laughter heard on The Cocktail Waitress’ 911 calls suggests the Gibbons threat was less than dire.

* Gibbons’ political wizard Sig Rogich — who helped Reagan and Bush 41 get to the White House back when he had moves — clumsily begged the LV Review-Journal not to run the story, saying “This is the kind of story that can cost an election.” Duh.

* What the hell was Gibbons thinking, getting drunk with a bunch of women (and without his wife) three weeks before Election Day, in public?

* Gibbons has since made the worst campaign pledge in history: “I learned an important lesson: Never to offer a helping hand to anybody ever again.”

Gibbons’ strategist regrets leaving candidate before incident [Las Vegas Sun]

Comments From Viewers on Jim Gibbons Controversy [KLAS TV]

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Aurelio June 7, 2010 at 6:59 pm

…bloated idiot and mean-spirited mouth-breathing turd….
But how does Ken feel about Gov. Jim Gibbons?

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