Daily Briefing: The Enterprise Incident

  • The Bush Administration has declared its intentions to rethink Iraq policy in the face of growing public discontent, possible Democratic congressional gains, and reality. [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ]

  • Fundraising may be added to the list of battles Democrats are winning. [WP, WSJ]
  • Former House Clerk Jeff Trandahl and House Majority Leader John Boehner testified before the Ethics Committee and Pagefuckergate. Hastert aides Scott Palmer and Ted Van Der Meid prepare to take the fall. [WP, NYT]
  • A hard-partying Maltese via Florida priest came forward to confirm that he was involved in “light touching” of a 12 year old Mark Foley. [WP, NYT]
  • Both current President Bush and former President Clinton each raised a half-mil for their preferred Senate candidates in Virginia. Sen. George Allen did a little spin control on Bush’s remarks. [WP]
  • Predator, Ghost in the Shell, Romulan Starships, and Kevin “Hollowman” Bacon — the future is now. [LAT, USAT]
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