A Hollow Victory

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Our favorite new Wonkette hobby was comparing the covers of Newsweek’s three international editions to whatever vapid celebrity idiocy on the American cover, but Newsweek has put an end to our fun.

The bastards have removed the U.S. cover with its glaringly retarded Big Story.

Guess we’ll never again be able to prove that Newsweek considers its American readers to be mouth-breathing remedial readers. (Hey, at least they can read a little bit! That’s the elite in this country!)

Hilariously, this is one of those rare weeks when the U.S. and international editions share the same cover.

Luckily for Americans, the resemblance ends there. The global editions are filled with the usual stories about business, energy, art, technology, U.S. and world politics, etc., while the domestic edition features “Battlestar Galactica,” Annette Bening, Clint Eastwood, Madonna, “Who is Nancy Pelosi?” and “Halloween: Dressing Up Baby.”

Newsweek International vs. Newsweek U.S.

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