RedState Puts on Show to Save Family Farm

Yes, let's. - WonketteRedState holds a contest. Then Fark links. Sarcasm and page jokes ensue!

The challenge: Why you will vote Republican in 2006, in 100 words or less. The winner gets a one-year subscription to the Limbaugh Letter! Some highlights from the Fark and RedState threads:

  • “Hot. Gay. Teen. Sex.”

  • “Clinton failed to prevent the death of Steve Irwin.”
  • “A well-functioning, competent, ethical government is boring. Vote for the GOP, vote for excitement.”
  • “Just to be an asshole.”
  • “We need to maintain a level head and steady pressure in the The War Against Terror (T.W.A.T.).”
  • “I don’t want to have to explain to my daughter why she has to wear a veil in public and cannot go to college”

That last one’s our favorite. It’s a pitch-perfect parody of paranoid, crazy blog commenters… wait, sorry, it’s real. We hope they win the subscription to the Limbaugh Letter!

Leave your own in the comments!

Rush Is Right, So Let’s Have a Contest [RedState]
Red State wants to know, in 100 words or less, why you should vote Republican in 2006 [Fark]

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