Condi Caught Lying About 9/11 Again

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Whoopsy! - WonketteWe’ve had a full week of PageFuckerGate Fever, and it’s been so much fun that we totally forgot about Woodward’s hit job on the Bush Administration … wait a minute! Was that the whole idea?

Luckily, conservatives are paying attention — must not think about penises, must not think about long hard penises — and now they’re calling for Condi Rice to resign. Why? Because the State Department (which Rice supposedly runs) has confirmed that the July 2001 Rice-Tenet meeting about the upcoming 9/11 attacks did take place, and she was there, and she lied to the 9/11 Commission about it.

You know, because that’s what they’ve done from the beginning: Lie about 9/11. Over five long years, not one of them has ever given so much as a reasonably honest answer about the 9/11 thing. Not once. Using the popular “But look over there!” technique, Rice says it’s all fine because she offered to resign in 2004. Fox News notes that this is typical for a Democrat.

Condoleezza Rice Should Resign [American Daily]

Rice Offered to Resign Following Bush’s 2004 Re-Election [Fox News]

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