The Zeitgeist Checklist Checklist: Have You Caught the Musharraf Fever?

This is Dana Milbank’s last Zeitgeist Checklist before his unfortunate book leave, so we’ll be gentle. The checklist run in The Post on Sundays. Sure, it runs in Slate on Friday nights or Saturdays, but no one reads Slate on weekends, fer chrissakes. What we’re getting at is, for a column that runs on a Sunday and is meant to, in a sense, predict or explain the coming week (are we wrong?), it’s unfortunate that the only thing anyone is actually talking about this week is listed at number seven and falling (losing to Pervez Musharraf!)

Thankfully, Post environmental writer Michael Grunwald will be writing the Checklist in Milbank’s absense. Grunwald will be filing from Florida, where he’s sure to pick up on more of that inside-the-Beltway chatter than Dana could manage.

Don’t worry, Dana, we’ll get to the book later.

Dana Milbank Goes on Leave? Will That Make Official Washington Happy? [Washingtonian]
The Zeitgeist Checklist [Slate]

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