FOX NEWS  3:30 pm September 27, 2006

Fox News Personality Revealed As Fair, Balanced

by Ken Layne

We miss you, Jeff! - WonketteOur favorite right-wing blog network held a party/panel thing at the National Press Club last night, and a youthful communist of some sort was able to sneak in and get the dirty details. August J. Pollak’s report is filled with shocking revelations such as:

* The catering was unimpressive, with the centerpiece of the dessert table being “a gigantic, heaping bowl of Marshmallow Fluff.”

* Jeff Gannon was there, although it’s unsure who requested the outcall.

* The more rabid Muslim Haters were kept off the panel, but they cheered lustily and drunkenly from the audience.

* Fox News analyst Jane Hall bravely challenged several sweeping generalizations made by Pajamas Media blogger-panelists.

Giant bowls of Marshmallow Fluff: My Enchanted Evening with Pajamas Media [Campus Progress]

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