CONGRESS  9:12 pm September 20, 2006

Gonna Party Like It’s 1994

by Ken Layne

Careful! - WonketteBad news for everybody in Congress: They don’t like you. They really don’t like you. The new NYT/CBS poll shows the “threat level” is at 1994 levels, when that whole Republican Revolution ended 277 years of Democratic control of Congress.

In the Good News department, 25% of Americans are so freakin’ stupid that they actually approve of a Congress that has done nothing more than cause an overcrowding problem at “country club prisons.” Oh, and the horse meat legislation. We must not forget the horse meat legislation.

The old Bush Bounce isn’t doing so hot, either. He’s at 37%, despite the endless terrorist cheerleading. This will surely be seen as a great victory for Democrats, etc., but the voters’ hatred is both vague and widespread. With only seven weeks until Election Day, it is crucial that campaigns stay focused on utterly meaningless crap such as unibrows, ham sandwiches, oreos, whatever. Good luck.

Public takes dim view of job Congress is doing [New York Times]

Best Places To Go To Prison [Forbes]

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