Daughter of Wealthy Businessman Enjoys Alcohol At College

At left, Emily Lamont, 19-year-old daughter of Connecticut Senate candidate Ned Lamont, is snuck up on by a nefarious beer funnel-wielding fellow Harvard student (as found by IvyGate, who are either for or against Ivys, we’re not sure). Ms. Lamont surely refused to partake in the illicit goings-on that followed.

We are neither shocked nor particularly concerned that Harvard students drink, but we are appalled by their choice of beverage and means of imbibing it. C’mon guys, you expect us to envy your elevated social station and superior birthrights when you’re drinking like a buncha State schoolers?

BREAKING: Ned Lamont’s Daughter Sits Near Alcoholic Beverage [IvyGate]

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  • david

    It is not surprising