Hell, if Kinky Friedman can win in Texas .... - WonketteNatural-born charmer George Allen is more than a cruel-hearted senator facing the end of his political career thanks to the most arcane racial slur controversy since “Hymietown” — he’s also a Jew!

That’s what the obsessed-with-Jews newspaper Forward claims today, at least.

The California-born glamour boy has a “French Tunisian” mother. But Forward says instead of being a run-of-the-mill French imperialist crushing the aspirations of occupied North Africans, Mrs. Henriette (Etty) Lumbroso Allen was also a member of the “august Sephardic Jewish Lumbroso family.”

Also, she’s descended directly from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene … which means George Allen is actually the Messiah!

No, wait, that’s from that crappy Dan Brown book.

And according to Forward, this could open a whole can of kosher worms:

The controversy could end up resurrecting a dominant theme of the Democratic primaries four years ago, when it turned out that no fewer than four presidential hopefuls had significant Jewish ties: Senator Joseph Lieberman was an Orthodox Jew; Senator John Kerry was descended from Jews and had a brother who converted to Judaism; former general Wesley Clark had a Jewish father; Howard Dean was married to a Jewish woman and raised Jewish children.

Alleged Slur Casts Spotlight On Senator’s (Jewish?) Roots [Forward]


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