Daily Briefing: Inspecting The Caviar Enrichment Facilities Instead

  • Tehran is ready to negotiate with the UN on a range of issues not named “uranium enrichment.” [WP, NYT, BBC]

  • Poll shows most Americans are still plenty scared of Bin Laden. [CNN]
  • Marines to begin recalling reserves to active duty, as recruitment goals fall short. [LAT]
  • Aid money flowing to Lebanon having a hard time finding relief agencies other than Hezbollah. [NYT]
  • Israel halts withdraw from West Bank settlements as Lebanon becomes focus of government apparently incapable of multitasking. [WP]
  • Senator Hillary Clinton is dithering on a AIDS funding bill — either to get more cash for New York or to make herself look good in the south. [WP]
  • Americans tired of Iraq, want to go home. [NYT]
  • Richard Armitage, number two at the State Department, met with Bob Woodward around the time Bob Woodward says he learned Valerie Plame’s identity and top secret job. [NYT]
  • Anna Taylor Diggs, the federal judge who ruled against Bush and his NSA warrantless wiretapping, is a card-carrying member of the ACLU. [NYT]
  • More states adding online “meth registries” to help connect redneck speed freaks. [USAT]
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