Daily Briefing: “It Is Safe to Travel”

  • As Homeland Security Advisor Frances Townsend urged Americans to remain calm and feel free to fly, British and American officials described the year-long probe that led to the arrest of two dozen alleged terrorists in Great Britain. [WP, AP]

  • Liquid explosives: easy to make, more effective than dynamite, and impossible to screen for. [WP, NYT]
  • Republicans, Democrats, and Joe Lieberman all claim terror helps their campaigns. [NYT, WP]
  • Illegal immigration hasn’t hurt the US job market, a study finds. [WP]
  • The UN is debating again an end to the month-long Israeli-Lebanese-Hezbollah war. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is heading to New York. [BBC]
  • Elsewhere at the UN: “Feminists are trying to use the United Nations to impose a radical agenda — including legalized prostitution.” [WT]
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