Rumors On The Internets: Trivia

  • Yesterday a district judge ruled that MLB cannot make fantasy baseball owners pay royalties, “since the ballplayers are considered public figures and therefore their performance on the field is owned by the public domain.” [Blogcritics]
  • Left-handed men earn more than right-handed men. [Political Animal]
  • Taft was the last President with facial hair. [Lawyers , Guns and Money]
  • LGF readers make fun of DailyKos, “what total maroons!” [LGF]
  • “When I woke up this morning – political animal that I am – what was literally the first thought to cross my mind was, ‘this morning, Israel is fighting for it’s life against Islamo-fascist terrorists while last night the Democrats kicked out a Jew who supports fighting Islamo-fascist terrorists.'” [Blogs for Bush]
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