Remainders: If You Heard It On The Internet, Then It Has To Be True

  • Ned Lamont not dissimilar from another famous Lamont, have more than just selling junk in common. [Hot Johnny]

  • Congressman Ralph Hall “loves bush” wants to “pull down his britches” and show him how much. [Pink Dome]
  • Blair and Bush: one is working hard, the other’s hardly working. [ThinkProgress]
  • Americans go AWOL in culture war. [The Carpetbagger Report]
  • Deserters to form own Army whose central tenet is unwavering belief in all internet conspiracy theories. [Shakespeare’s Sister]
  • A double barreled shotgun: when you absolutely must shoot every motherfucker in the room, in the face. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • ExxonMobil uses loser who lives in his parent’s basement as cover for their An Inconvenient Truth parody. [The Raw Story]
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