Katherine Harris Doesn’t Tell Staff She’s Under Investigation, Assumes They Figured It Out On Own

Possible reasons we haven’t mentioned today’s Katherine Harris story:

  • We are drunk.

  • It makes us too sad.
  • We’re upset with her because the day after we exclusively broke news that she’s flagrantly violating election law out in Florida, she has to go and hide a grand jury subpoena from her entire staff, thus upstaging our only allotted attempt at reporting this month.
  • We are waiting for Kos to tell us what to think about it.
  • “Harris was reached on her cell phone Wednesday by The Associated Press, but said she had a bad connection and referred the call to her campaign office.” Seriously, how sad is this getting?
  • We are not drunk enough.
  • We totally called this one already.

Ex-Aide Says Katherine Harris Hid Subpoena [AP via NYT]

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