FUNNY PICTURES  11:10 am August 2, 2006

Word “Gun” Used Metaphorically, Creepily

by Alex Pareene

gunad.jpgAbove, an ad that ran in Charleston Daily Mail and the Charleston Gazette last week, while the President was visiting West Virginia for a fundraiser. John Raese, the gentleman with the, uh, big-ass gun, is challenging crazy old bat Robert Byrd for his Senate seat (which will be pried from Byrd’s cold, dead ass).

Now it’s West Virginia — they like to go around firin’ guns left and right while hootin’ and hollerin’. But, as Byrd’s spokesman points out: “They just don’t do it in tailored pin-stripe suits and expensive elephant guns.”

Added hilarity may be found in the way Raese has his finger on the trigger while happily not paying attention to where it’s pointed — gun safety 101, John. As a concerned West Virginia reader tried to explain to us:

It’s not that we West Virginians think Byrd is anything less than old and crazy, it’s just that he’s less terrifying than John Raese.

So, West Virginians, we promise to make a little bit less fun of you — if you promise not to elect this creepy lunatic.

Raese’s Gun Ad Literal, Symbolic [Charleston Daily Mail]

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