Things to Do in DC When You’re Dead (or Just Really Hard Up for a Free Drink)

jonah%20goldberg.jpg Here’s a shamless plug (the very best kind): I’ll be debating National Review’s Jonah Goldberg tonight at D.C.’s Heritage Foundation tonight, on the very, very, very pressing issue of whether libertarians and conservatives can, like Rodney King and the LAPD, get along in the post-Cold War era the World War 3 era. The boozing begins at 6:30PM, the debate at 7PM, and the Brokeback Mountain-style hijinks will be going on all day (this is the Heritage Foundation, after all).

America’s Future Foundation is the group organizing the fun. For event details and RSVP info, go go here.

nickbody.gifAnd because I failed at uploading my own graven image below, I’ll try again here.–Nick Gillespie

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