GOP Strategists Gone Wild: Frank Luntz

luntz.jpgDo you want to hear a story about Frank Luntz making a drunken fool of himself? Sure, we all do! Let’s go back to the hazy, crazy early 1990’s:

Luntz was also an extremely accessible professor often making himself available to students while they were out partying. One night Luntz even came over to the house I shared with eleven others to play beer pong. He quickly got drunk and very loud. So loud that a studying housemate took away our sole ping pong ball to put a stop to the game. But Luntz would not hear of it and he instantaneously submitted to my housemates demand (for the ball) that he get down on his knees, kiss my housemates feet and beg for forgiveness. He got the ball back and the game continued.

We, uh, can’t vouch for the accuracy of this story, naturally, but it’s still pretty damn funny.


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