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kostimes.jpgOh, man, should we have been paying attention to this? Seriously? We’ve known about it for a while, seemed like it might be fun, thought about trying to convince someone to pay for us to go to Vegas, but seriously, we thought it’d be like a Mediabistro party, you know, cash bar and classes in getting the attention of actual important people. But the media presence there is nuts. Three NPR reporters, a couple Times-ites (including Maureen Dowd and, above, Kate Phillips, inexplicably writing in first-person and bitching about having to get up early), Original Wonkette, and probably two dozen freelancers trying to pitch it to magazines.

C-Span’s covering it, if you want to watch. It’s almost like being there, but without the glamor and glitz of hotel convention rooms!

Liberal Bloggers Gather in Las Vegas for Convention [NYT]

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