So He Accepted Bribes Accidentally?

cnn%20headline%20re%20william%20jefferson.JPGIt’s kind of like going to the supermarket and reading The Star while in the checkout line, then accidentally dropping it in your cart without paying for it as you leave. You didn’t intend to shoplift; it just sort of happened.

One of you asks: “Why is it that one of the only dems to be involved in a scandal lately is named ‘William Jefferson’?”

Here’s our answer: there’s actually something quite Clintonian about Jefferson’s response to the bribery charges. Kentucky businessman Vernon Jackson has pleaded guilty to bribing — not attempting to bribe, but actually bribing — Representative Jefferson. Yet Jefferson continues to insist that he was not bribed.

It reminds us of how Clinton claimed, in essence, that Monica Lewinsky had “sexual relations” with him, but he didn’t have “sexual relations” with Monica. And we suspect it will be about as successful a defense.

Democratic Congressman Denies Bribery Charges [CNN]

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