The Second Time’s A Charm for Cory Booker

cory%20booker.jpgCory Booker, the charismatic young black politician who’s often compared to Barack Obama, just won a landslide victory in the Newark mayoral election. Booker’s previous mayoral campaign was the subject of the Academy Award-nominated documentary “Street Fight.” We previously chronicled Booker’s campaign in these pages, with specific reference to his blogging at the Huffington Post.

Booker’s opponent, Ronald Rice, responded as follows to the election results:

Mr. Rice, meanwhile conceded defeat from a bingo hall downtown. “Newark is our home, it is our promised land, and I will always be your leader,” Mr. Rice, 60, said.

Come again? Someone please give Rice the Silvio Berlusconi Memorial Award for Best Non-Conceding Concession Speech.

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