this_many_years_old Bush campaign to paint Edwards as second choice to McCain and as poll-driven maneuvering; plans to roll out ad featuring McCain. Pollsters predict 15-point Kerry bounce. [NYT]
New Democratic platform centers on security. [USAT]
U.S. Chamber of Commerce would be against Kerry-Edwards. [WSJ]
Cheney’s favorability rating at 22 percent. Kerry team calls the veep “a ball and chain that Bush is carrying around.” Cheney himself an unenthusiastic campaigner: “You guys want to hear this speech or not?” [WP, NYT]

NEA endorses Kerry. [USAT]
Kerry profile, part II: College and war. [NYT]
For convention access, donations go to private groups and host committees rather than national parties. [LAT]
Kerry has “rural makeover”: “Look at the power of that land. You can just feel it. You see it.” [Independent]
Parties push to increase voter registration. [BG]
Third parties challenge Bush, Kerry from the far ends of the political spectrum. [WT]
Bush team masters stagecraft. Lockhart: “I use the word ‘producing’ deliberately, because that’s what they are: TV productions, designed to both articulate the president’s agenda and, probably more importantly for the Bush team, show the president in a position of strength and authority.” [LAT]
Welfare reform low priority during election year. [NYT]
The world is watching this race. [BG]
Head of ACT, Steve Rosenthal, focuses $100 million on Democratic voters. Donna Brazile:
“He is as mean and tough and vicious as they come and that makes him more attractive.” [WP]
Parties welcome bloggers to convention; Trippi gushes. [WP]
Sean Combs celebrates politics with get-out-the-vote organization. Phylicia Rashad: “This is like being with the president.” [NYT]

[AFP/File/Tim Sloan]

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