ABC is reporting that Kerry has tapped Edwards for veep. Maybe Kerry wants to be president after all.

UPDATE: NBC: Kerry picks Edwards as VP candidate [MSNBC]
And, not to get all Cablenewser on you, but what’s with ABC’s Noted Now not having this first on the web? Do the TV people know they have a website? And how come NBC was still showing the Today Show’s Diana memorial segment even as MSNBC was sending out a breaking news email? And where’s Drudge? Do we have do all the work around here? We’re still drunk! You can’t trust us!

UPDATE UPDATE: Someday we’ll have six televisions and 12 interns and will never make a single mistake about who breaks what when. For now, we have Henry and a Tivo. We miss things. Like how NBC had this first. Mad props to Elizabeth Wilner and the NBC crew. At least we’re not the fucking Post.

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