Federal Government Websites Continue to Entertain Us

whyconcernsm.jpgThe Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service wants you to do your part to help stop the Bird Flu! They want your help so bad, in fact, that they’ve unveiled a web-based campaign designed to convince you that keeping your birds alive is in your best interest!

The campaign actually has a totally great visual/web design team behind it, in our opinion.

Do you know the warning signs of infectious bird diseases? They include: Sneezing, gasping for air, nasal discharge, coughing, depression, and, of course, sudden death. If you see any of those symptoms, report it immediately to the navigator/astronomer chicken pictured above. And below:

Thanks, United States Department of Agriculture! We’re sure this whole Bird Flu thing will soon be forgotten as so much worrying about nothin’ once your hilarious drawings begin to work their magic.

Biodsecurity for the Birds [USDA]

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