cam1a.jpgSeriously, Cynthia McKinney — of all the politicians we’ve seen abuse police officers, you’re the most hardcore.

Ok, so President Bush landed his guy in the hospital and got him off duty for 14 weeks. Pretty impressive, sure.

And Silvio wins the total creep award, being completely flagrant and unashamed about his skeeziness.

But you, so far, are the first one to have gotten the cop in question to decide to press charges (according to CNN). How awesome is that? We have even been told that the Capitol Police have issued a warrant for your arrest!

Representative McKinney, you are our Representative of the goddam month!

And a Hotline commenter notes that McKinney’s dad was a cop (is this true?), so now there’s this whole weird Freudian element to the thing, right? Or else it’s just the end of the day. Cynthia, we really want to punch people in the face after work too sometimes. Just go have a beer and relax!

Last Call: McKinney Punches Police Officer

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