Sorry, Mr. Abramoff, but We Can’t Count the Cut Flashback Scenes

degrees.jpgOk, NPR? You are having way too much fun with this. Yeah, it’s cute, but you’re missing the point of the “six degrees” game. See, all of these people are one degree from Abramoff. Like, he gave them money and hung out with them and stuff. Well, Reid is like two degress, but still. Look, we’ll show you how it’s done:

  • Jack Abramoff co-wrote and produced Red Scorpion, co-starring M. Emmet Walsh

  • M. Emmet Walsh appeared in Wild Wild West with Kevin Kline
  • Kevin Kline appeared in The Big Chill with Mary Kay Place
  • Mary Kay Place starred in Starting Over — which briefly featured a young Kevin Bacon

That’s how it’s done, public radio.

Six Degrees of Jack Abramoff [NPR]

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