astrology.gifPresident Bush’s popularity rating is taking a beating these days, in large part due to the continuing bad news from Iraq. Talk of impeachment and censure is starting to build.

But the stars bring Bush some good news. Born on July 6, 1946, Bush is a Cancer. So, taking a page from the Nancy Reagan playbook, we checked out his daily horoscope (from the hard copy Washington Post; the online version is different, but we view the hard copy horoscope as more reliable):

Against all odds, you will succeed. If you’re not against enough odds, you may not have enough to succeed. So play the biggest game you can today.

See? Victory in Iraq and recovery in Bush’s popularity are inevitable. But Bush needs setbacks and opposition in order to succeed.

Censure? Bring it on, Russ!

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  1. Nine of Diamonds: The Card of Universal Values and The Giver’s Card

    George Bush is a Nine of Diamonds in the Book of Destiny system of astrology and Nine of Diamonds people are here to let go and complete a major chapter in their evolution. This entails a lot of giving to others. If they have not heeded the call to give and let go of others, money, relationships, and love, their life can be filled with disappointment and remorse.

    Those on the positive side are philanthropic and generous, happy and productive. All have the opportunity to experience first hand, the heightened consciousness that comes from living a “universal” life. Despite losses from time to time, these people can do very well in business, especially when it involves selling or other creative enterprises. If they keep money in proper perspective they may even attain affluence. A disregard for the higher laws will inevitably result in misfortune and misery. They can be reckless.

    On a person note I believe George Bush is actually living his soul purpose because he’s becoming a catalyst for change. When things are good people have no motivation to create change but when things get really bad people get highly motivated to create change and George Bush has definitely made things very bad for this country in many ways and people are starting to get angry and push for change.

    Astrological Sign Compatibility

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