Are Australians Necessary?

dowd.jpgOk, why didn’t any of you tell us about this? Don’t read Australian papers? That’s no excuse — Maureen Dowd is soliciting personal ads; this is the sort of thing we need to be kept abreast of, people.

From: T.J.
Comment: This Australian man “is necessary”…! . Long time in US & Europe. Multilingual.Action man.Smart.Interesting.Cheeky.Uncomplicated. Don’t leave my cell phone in cabs.. Always enjoyed the red girls spunk. Call me Maureen, you won’t be bored. 46 Melbourne

Ye gods, is this the stupidest PR gimmick ever or a genuine cry for help? We’re going back to study the Missed Connections more closely. Is there a craigslist Sydney?

Seeking Aussie Men — What You Said []

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