To prove that they, too, are just like us, Dubai Ports World has a very helpful, very informative, very half-assed kids site, explaining who they are, what they do, and why we should let them run our ports. As connoisseurs of Federal Government Websites For Kids, we have to call this effort merely serviceable. While we do like stories, and want to hear stories of little Afghani Arab girls learning about the operations of government from a totally cool cartoon mascot, this website is not only missing an anthropomorphic talking animal character, it also promises a “Game Zone,” but definitely doesn’t deliver.

Still, we did learn from Captain Hamad that DP World won the award for “Best Government Department” in 2000. That’s like the hardest to get ticket in all the UAE, you know.

As the helpful congressional staffer who sent this in said, if the administration had just included this helpful website in their proposal, all of this mess could’ve been avoided. Captain Hamad doesn’t need to be investigated for 45 days! You can trust Captain Hamad!

Dubai Ports Authority (For Kidz!) [DPWorld]

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