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Larry Summers: We’ll Miss You and Your Big Mouth

by dlat

Many people didn’t like former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, who today announced his resignation as president of Harvard. Feminists were infuriated by his controversial comments suggesting that inherent gender differences may explain why fewer women than men have succeeded in math and science. Faculty members were incensed over how he handled the departure of a popular dean, William Kirby.

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But we’ll miss Larry Summers. Let’s face it; the man made for good copy. His outrageous remarks, which never failed to piss off some group or other, provided talking heads with lots of good material. The man just didn’t give a damn.

If you’re also bummed about the departure of President Summers, well, don’t get too depressed; he’ll be okay. After all, he wrote a book entitled “Understanding Employment.”

(Yes, we know: after a sabbatical, Summers will be returning to Harvard as a professor, so he’s not jobless. But we just had to work that title in somewhere.)

Summers Resigns as Harvard President [WP]
Embattled President of Harvard To Step Down at End of Semester [NYT]

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