Butterstick: A Black and White Cookie of Cuteness

cuteashell.jpgWe wanted to reassure Kathy, a Wonkette operative, who wrote us, worried:

Am I losing my mind or does Butterstick look decidedly green everytime he is in his bowl?

You can’t help but notice that green color and worry that Butterstick has somehow ended up in a Baghdad bombing or a Paris Hilton filmed sexcapade. But we feel it’s safe to assume that the green tint is a product of the lighting in the panda enclosure and the pandacam itself. If we weren’t so drunk right now, we’d consider maybe doing some reporting or something and get confirmation. But we’ve seen pics of the Stick hanging around outside, and can assure you he is black and white and fuzzy wuzzy all over.

Su Lin, out on the West Coast, however, is green…with ENVY.

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